Cookie policy

This policy refers to cookies and web pages operated by SC Demoteks Medikal SRL, based in Str. Erou Serban Ion 35A, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania, registered in the Trade Register with number J40/13374/2016, RO3662312.

What are cookies?
The cookie is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipment of a user from which the Internet is accessed. The cookie is installed through the request issued by a web server to a browser (eg: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and is completely "passive" (it does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access the information on the hard drive user driver).

The role of cookies
We use cookies to improve the functionality of our website, to help you navigate more efficiently from one page to another, to remember your preferences and, in general, to improve the user experience:  eg - online privacy preferences, site language options, shopping baskets or relevant advertising.

What type of cookies do we use?
We use two types of Cookies: per session and fixed. The latter are temporary files that remain on the user's terminal until the session ends or the application (web browser) is closed. The fixed files remain on the user's terminal for a period in the Cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user.

The cookies we use
Website performance cookies
This type of cookie remembers the user's preferences on this site, so there is no need to set them every time you visit the site.

Examples: the list of recently viewed products, the user's currency preferences, the number of products added to the shopping cart, etc.)

Cookies for geotargetting
These cookies are used to determine which country you come from, they are completely anonymous and are only used to target the content (Ex: storing the country code, following automatic detection based on IP).

Registration cookies
These cookies store the specific data of a certain user (email address, preferences for retaining login data in the account, etc.)

Cookies for visitor analysis
The analytics software provided by a third party generates a cookie to analyze the user, every time he visits the site. This cookie is used to know if the user has visited this site before, that is to allow the monitoring of unique users who visit us and how often they do so.

Social cookies
These cookies are used by social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and allow the distribution of the content from on the respective networks. does not control these cookies, so for more information on how they work, please check the pages of the social networks.

Cookies for advertising
These cookies allow us to find out whether or not you have viewed an online advertisement, what type it is and how long it has been since you saw the advertising message, also using them to target online advertising. Cookies belonging to a third party can also be used, for better targeting of advertising. These cookies are anonymous, they store information about the content viewed, not about the users. We may also set anonymous cookies through other sites on which we advertise. By receiving them in this way, we may use them to recognize you as a visitor to that site if you subsequently visit our site, advertising based on this information may be delivered to you.

Other third-party cookies
On some pages, third parties can set their own anonymous cookies, in order to track the success of an application, or to customize an application. These cookies may come from third parties such as Web Analytics services (Ex: Google Analytics), social media platforms (Ex: Facebook), etc.

Do cookies record and/or contain personal data?
Cookies do not request personal information and do not personally identify Internet users. The personal data collected through the use of cookies can only be used to facilitate certain functionalities for you. These data are encrypted so that unauthorized persons cannot have access to them.

How to disable cookies
Disabling and refusing to receive cookies can make certain websites impractical or difficult to visit and use. Also, refusing to accept cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive/see online advertising.

It is possible to set the browser so that these cookies are no longer accepted or you can set the browser to accept cookies from a specific site ( Firefox ,  Chrome ,  Opera ,  safari ,  Internet Explorer )

All modern browsers offer the possibility to change cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the "options" or "preferences" menu of your browser.

You can use the following links to better understand these settings and to find out how you can manage them:

More general information can be found on Your Online Choices