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  • bluza medicala de la Demoteks Medicalwear de culoare alba, pentru femei, cu imprimeu Big Kitty
  • medic cu bluza medicala de la Demoteks Medicalwear de culoare alba, pentru femei, cu imprimeu Big Kitty
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White Medical Blouse with Print, For Women - Big Kitty Model

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Specifications classic medical blouse

Material: cotton 35% - polyester 65%
Weight: 105 gr/m2
Dimensions: the dimensions depend on the selected size
Closure: V-neck blouse, regular fit
Usage: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, hospital or clinic staff
Washing temperature: 40⁰ C
Ironing temperature: medium, 150⁰ C
Do not use bleach!
Do not machine dry !

White Medical Blouse with Print, For Women - Model Big Kitty

White medical blouse with print, for women - Big Kitty - Classic Model

Worldwide the most popular type of medical suit, a local as well as international statement, doctors and nurses from all over the world have chosen this model. The cheerful print matches your dynamic and energetic nature. This blouse is very versatile, having three pockets, two on the sides in the lower part, and one on the chest, in the upper part. When you walk through the door of your medical office, you can keep your phone or other important items close at hand in the two generously cut pockets in the lower part of the blouse.

At the same time, in the chest pocket, located on the left side, you can put your stethoscope, glasses, pen or any other device necessary for your action in the office, without having hands busy. The sizes are varied, so that you feel as comfortable as possible in the medical suit, but also look as presentable as possible. The medical blouse with Big Kitty print has a regular fit cut, with a length up to the hips. This type of medical suit has no drawstring.

The medical blouse with short sleeves is especially suitable for the summer and spring seasons, but it can be worn in other seasons as well, depending on your preferences. The medical suit is suitable for both doctors, nurses, dentists and veterinarians. The happy print, with hearts, can be preferred especially by pediatricians, cardiologists, dentists and veterinarians.

The material is of very good quality, pleasant to the touch, made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. It is light and allows the skin to breathe. Washing recommendation: 40 degrees. Ironing at an average temperature of 150 degrees Celsius is recommended. It is also not recommended to use bleach to wash this medical blouse.