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Bluemarine Medical Suit, Unisex - Model Activity

Bluemarine Medical Suit, Unisex - Model Activity

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  • Navy blue women's and men's medical suit, blouse and pants, Bluemarin activity model

    A light and practical suit, to feel as comfortable as possible in the cabinet! The Bluemarin unisex medical suit is globally the most popular type of medical suit, a local and international statement. Doctors from all over the world have chosen this plain navy blue medical suit. It is a sports suit, being light and practical.

    It is dedicated to dynamic and energetic people, with a lifestyle that requires movement. When you enter the door of your medical office, you can keep your phone or other important items close at hand in the two generously cut pockets in the lower part of the medical blouse.

    Unisex Medical SuitNavy is composed of a short-sleeved blouse and a pair of trousers with three pockets.

    Casual Cut Medical Suit Pants Navy helps to maintain your comfort and features a drawstring, for those days when you need to adjust the waist size. Comfort comes first! The medical suit for women and menBluemarine is created for any figure, so that feel as comfortable as possible, but also look as presentable as possible when treating patients.

    The Bluemarin unisex medical suit is made of the best quality material, 60% cotton, 5% elastane and 35% polyester, it is light and leaves the skin breathe A

    Bluemarine is simple and light, thus offering comfort to the doctors and nurses who wear it. It is especially suitable for summer and spring, but can also be worn in winter, depending on your preferences.

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This women's or men's medical suit with a sports cut is provided with six pockets, two in the lower part of the blouse and a patch on the pants. These will prove to be very useful for having your phone, stethoscope, pen, glasses and other important items close at hand while your hands remain free, so that you can take care of your patients.