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Purple Medical Blouse with Print, For Men - Camouflage Purple Model

Purple Medical Blouse with Print, For Men - Camouflage Purple Model

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Specifications classic medical blouse

Material: cotton 35% - polyester 65%
Weight: 105 gr/m2
Dimensions: the dimensions depend on the selected size
Closure: V-neck blouse, regular fit
Usage: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, hospital or clinic staff
Washing temperature: 40⁰ C
Ironing temperature: medium, 150⁰ C
Do not use bleach!
Do not machine dry !


  • Transport:
    ⦁ Timpul de procesare durează de obicei 1 - 3 zile lucrătoare.
    ⦁ Timpul de livrare poate varia în funcție de distanța de expediere.
    ⦁ Toate produsele achiziționate online prin magazin pot fi schimbate în termen de 14 zile cu condițiile menționate mai jos.


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  • Purple medical shirt with print for men, Camouflage Purple

    The Camouflage Purple medical blouse is the optimal solution to complete your medical outfit! This piece of clothing is highly appreciated among our customers.

    The Camouflage Purple medical blouse for men is very comfortable and practical. It has a C line cut, regular fit, collar with anchor type closure (in V), short cuff type sleeve and side slits that facilitate movement. The Camouflage Purple blouse is provided with three generous pockets where you can keep all the items you need during a day in the hospital or office.

    The color of the blouse is very pleasant and gives a modern touch to your medical uniform. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. In color therapy, purple also represents creativity, wisdom, dignity, devotion and peace. At the same time, patients find this color attractive because it is something different from the green and blue medical uniforms they normally see.

    The material from which the Camouflage Purple men's blouse is made is of high quality. The fabric is thin and light, allowing the skin to breathe without problems. It is preferable for this blouse to be worn in closed sanitary facilities and in the warm spring/summer months.

    The Camouflage Purple medical blouse is suitable for any figure, it is available in 8 different sizes, from XXS to XXXL.


Acest costum medical de dama sau barbati cu croiala sport este prevazut cu sase buzunare, doua in partea inferioara a bluzei si patu la pantaloni. Acestea se vor dovedi foarte utile pentru a avea la indemana telefonul, stetoscopul, pixul, ochelarii si alte obiecte importante in timp ce mainile raman libere, astfel incat sa te poti ocupa cu grija de pacientii tai.