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Bluemarin Unisex Medical Cap, Ambulance Print

Bluemarin Unisex Medical Cap, Ambulance Print

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  • Black medical cap, unisex, bluemarine ambulance print

    Do you work in the cardiology department of a hospital or medical clinic? Complete your medical uniform with a medical cap with cardio print. This is unisex and specially designed for professionals. Just like all medical suits and accessories from Demoteks Medicalwear.

    Medical caps are made of a fabric composed of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, comfortable, durable, breathable, have a drawstring closure and are designed and manufactured with pride in Turkey.

    The heart is one of the most powerful symbols in the world. This represents compassion and understanding, closeness, affection and, most importantly, love for others, a feeling fully present in medical professionals.

    The medical cap is extremely important for your medical outfit. Whether you choose a simple model, colored or with prints, in the Demoteks Medicalwear collection you will find a varied range of medical caps, made of quality textile materials. These are a perfect accessory that completes your medical uniform, whether you have long or short hair.

    Medical caps have cheerful prints, universal sizes and can be worn by doctors and nurses for the feeling of calmness and safety it exudes. At the same time, they are provided with a cord closure at the back, which facilitates the adjustment of the circumference.

    The unisex black medical cap with cardio print is ideal in the cardiology department, the operating room, but can also be worn during consultations. You can also wear it with a classic or modern medical uniform. This is ideal to prevent hair loss from the head and contamination of the environment with germs, which can create a potential threat to sterile environments in medical clinics or hospitals.

    Whether you prefer this model or another, on our website you have the option to choose the ideal cap for you, which fits your personality and the department in which you work. We offer a varied range of colors and prints: cats, puppies, cartoons, military, bows, etc.

    The unisex black medical cap with cardio print is made of a high-quality, nanotech, stain-resistant material and is specially created for all medical professionals, either that we are talking about doctors, students, nurses or nurses and regardless of the place where they practice their profession: hospital, private clinic or doctor's office.

    Choose a unisex black medical cap with cardio print to complete your hospital or office uniform with style.

    Characteristics unisex medical cap

    Material: cotton 35% polyester 65%

    Weight: 180-185 gr/m2

    Dimensions: universal

    Close: string

    Usage: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, hospital or clinic staff

    Washing temperature: 40⁰ C

    Caking temperature: average, 150⁰ C

    Do not use bleach!

    Do not machine dry!

This women's or men's medical suit with a sports cut is provided with six pockets, two in the lower part of the blouse and a patch on the pants. These will prove to be very useful for having your phone, stethoscope, pen, glasses and other important items close at hand while your hands remain free, so that you can take care of your patients.