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Medical Gown for Women, Long, White, with Three Pockets - Model Dr. Tunica Long

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Characteristics of Dr. Tunica Long medical gown for women

Material: cotton 35% polyester 65%

Weight: 180-185 gr/m2

Dimensions: dimensions depend on selected size

Length: 85 cm

Close: staples

Use of medical suit: doctors, nurses, doctors veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, hospital or clinic staff

Washing temperature: 40⁰ C

Caking temperature: average, 150⁰ C

Do not use bleach!

Do not machine dry!

Personalize your robe with embroidery or screen printing!

Women's White Long Sleeve Dr. Tunica Long Medical Gown

The Dr. Tunica Long medical gown is probably the most practical and popular type of medical gown you can choose, especially for a person full of energy like you, with a dynamic lifestyle, which is always on the move.

The three outer pockets of the Dr. Tunica Long women's robe, two arranged in the lower part and one on the left side, on the chest, give you the opportunity to keep hands free, still having the phone, stethoscope and other important medical items close at hand, when your activity is intense.

The robe is long, it reaches the thighs. This model does not have a cord. The Dr. Tunica Long women's medical gown has a snap closure and is slightly cambered. Because it has long sleeves, it can be worn in the outdoor sanitary units, but also in the cold months of autumn and winter.

The Dr. Tunica Long white robe is made of high quality materials. It is pleasant to the touch, keeps you warm, but allows the skin to breathe. It also has a very elegant and stylish cut! You can wear it with a medical uniform of any color, from our collection.

The white medical gown, for women, Dr. Tunica Long is made for all silhouettes, being available in 8 sizes, from XXS to XXXL.