Demoteks Medikal products benefit from a commercial guarantee of 30 days from the date of purchase, only if all the maintenance recommendations below are followed.

For any defects that you may discover during this period of time, please notify us immediately by email at office@demoteks.ro< /span> and implicitly return the products to be evaluated.

Maintenance guide for natural leather gloves and accessories

Clogs with faces made of smooth or pressed leather are cleaned of dust with a soft cloth, and grease stains or other impurities are removed with a cloth soaked in an aqueous solution of detergent. Special products dedicated to skin cleaning or wet wipes for natural leather surfaces can also be photographed.

Medical suits are recommended to be washed by hand or in the washing machine on a 30°C delicate laundry program.

Textile products can be ironed and pressed, and those containing 5% elastane must be ironed at medium temperature.

In the case of cleaning clogs, drying is recommended at room temperature. Do not use drying with a fan, radiator, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources.
In the case of medical suits, drying is also allowed by spin drying.

Clogs shall not be stored near heat sources or in a humid environment and shall be protected from the action of petroleum products and organic solvents.

Do not store the saws in cramped spaces, with other objects on top of them, it is recommended to store them in individual bags or boxes. Otherwise, the shape may change and the skin may suffer various scratches.

General recommendations
To increase the life of the article of clothing or footwear, it is recommended to wear it alternatively with another set of medical suit, clogs.

Keep the product away from objects that can cause scratches, burns, perforations or any physical action of a nature to damage it.

Avoid contact with organic solvents (gasoline, alcohol, acetone, etc.)

Applying the warranty
We will repair or replace your product within 15 days of its return. If it is not possible, we will refund its value within the same term.

The particularities of natural leather (grains, characteristic marks and irregularities, small color differences) are not considered manufacturing defects. This shows the authenticity and quality of the skins from which our products are made.

Defects arising as a result of physical wear and tear are excluded from the warranty.