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  • Asistenta medicala imbracata in costum medical rosu Classic Red, vedere din fata
  • Asistenta medicala imbracata in costum medical rosu Classic Red, cu mainile in buzunar, vedere din fata
  • Asistenta medicala imbracata in costum medical rosu Classic Red, vedere din spate
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Brick Medical Suit, For Women - Classic Model

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Classic Medical Suit Specifications

Material: COTTON35% - POLYESTER 65%

Dimensions:  Dimensions depend on selected size

Close:v-neck blouse, lace-up trousers

Use of medical suit: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, hospital or clinic staff

Washing temperature: 40⁰ C

Calcining temperature: medium, 150⁰ C

Personalize your suit with the emblem of your clinic through embroidery or printing! Check with us the minimum circulation.

Do not use bleach!

Do not machine dry!

Unicolor brick medical suit, for women, V blouse and trousers with laces - Classic Brick Model

The Classic Caramiziu medical suit is, level worldwide, one of the most popular types of medical suits, a local as well as an international statement. Doctors from all over the world have chosen this unicolor brick medical suit. It is very versatile, having three patch pockets. Because you are a dynamic and energetic person, with a lifestyle that requires movement, the moment you enter the door of your medical office, you can keep your phone or other important items close at hand in the two generously cut pockets in the lower part of the medical gown.

The blouse with anchor and short cuff type sleeve has a pocket in the chest area, on the left side, which allows you to you put your stethoscope, glasses, pen or any other object necessary for your activity in the office, without having your hands busy. The blouse has side slits that facilitate movement.

The relaxed cut of the pants gives you the comfort you need throughout the day. They are provided with a lace, so that you can adjust the waist circumference according to your needs. Comfort is, of course, in the first place!

The color brick is associated with life, health, and courage. The Classic Red medical suit for women is suitable for medical personnel who want to get rid of the classic outfits and want a more special uniform. The shade of red is a gorgeous one, which gives uniqueness to your medical suit.

The dimensions of the Classic Caramiziu women's medical suit are designed for all body types, so that you feel as comfortable as possible in the suit medical, but also look as presentable as possible when treating patients.

The suit is made of a very good quality material, 35% cotton and 65% polyester, it is light and leaves the skin to breathe The pants are straight, slightly fitted in the upper part and flared in bootleg style in the lower part. They are made in such a way as to allow you ease of movement, so that you can carry out your daily activities without problems.

The Classic Caramiziu medical suit is simple and elegant, but comfortable enough to be worn during long and tiring shifts . It is especially suitable for summer and spring, but can also be worn in winter, depending on your preferences.